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My counselling and coaching services are spiritually based while I enjoy helping you by adding into the mix numerology, astrology and oracle cards. I am firm believer that there is loving divine order in the universe. Everything that has occured to you until now has been for a reason, even if it's a small detail such as stumbling upon this website. Perhaps you needed to read something at just the right time and get inspired to make a difference in your life. You are here for a reason and I would be happy to chat with you and guide you along your path. 

Benefits of Counselling & Coaching

      Gain more clarity about yourself

      Feel inspired and uplifted to change your life

      Set goals that are measurable and concrete

      Let go of fear and move your life forward to reach your desired goals

      Create your own reality and life you love!

Career Counselling

Whether you are seeking a new career path, a new approach in life or wish to explore some options, you will receive guidance with this one-on-one Career Counselling session.

Life Purpose & Career Oracle Reading (numerology, astrology

tarot & oracle)

Resume & Cover Letter Tips

1 Hour Guidance Session






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Life Coaching
Helping empower you to live your best life and begin moving forward. This style of coaching is focused on a goal you would like to strive for in order to come closer to your dream. Do you feel blocked in some area? What's holding you back? In this coaching session, it's all about moving forward. We will explore your life together and map out a plan of action with concrete and measurable goals to begin your journey.
This session is 3 hours total with a 1 hour follow up.
Mind-Mapping will be used, so get a blank paper and pencil crayons ready!


RATE: $222 CDN


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Oracle Readings
Interested in a reading? Oracle readings are a magical great tool for receiving guidance from spirit. Where are you now? Where do you want to go? What do you need to focus on? Tarot and oracle are great tools to guide and provide you with more clarity on your personal and spiritual growth. 

Using both the modalities of conventional coaching and inuitive tools lead to powerful and transformative results. Counselling will explore a lot of your past (education, experiences and feelings) while helping you to reflect on these areas first, gain new perspectives and motivate you towards taking advantage of opportunities. Coaching follows counselling. We will work together to create a map of your life and choose an area you would like to focus on at this time. 


Embark on the ship of your life today!
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