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The Travelling Oracle

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

There comes a time during the soul’s journey when it is called towards one of the greatest mysteries; the mystery of self. Who am I? Where am I going? What is my purpose? Many who cross paths and arrive at The Egg Seminar House in Ikaria island are invited to a sanctuary of self-reflection and connection. Transformation and rebirth through the revitalization of body, mind and soul are gifts that this experience will bring. This summer of 2018, I had the great pleasure to work alongside Katrin Gerner, performing oracle card readings for the diverse group of tourists arriving at her retreat. If you are unfamiliar with oracle cards, they are basically what I call food for the soul and its compass! They help tap into your intuition, while helping you gain clarity towards moving forward in the direction you seek. After a reading, many clients felt joyous, uplifted and refreshed to start fresh or to gain confirmation on the path they are already on. Every reading was specialized and unique for each person. Sometimes a reading can bring laughter, surprise and other times tears of deep profound healing and inner wisdom. I will never forget the feeling I got every time that I entered the retreat, ready to meet yet another beautiful soul on their journey. The setting at The Egg in Ikaria is just serene with the island breeze blowing through the decorative patterned curtains, the peaceful meditative music and the deep blue sea speaking to your soul and washing away your worries. Performing these readings not only allowed me the gift of helping others, whether that was on love, finances, wellbeing, past life and spirituality, but it was also a mirror to my own rebirth. I felt so much grounding and whole again, being at the island of my own roots from where my mother is from. I’ve been visiting the island, specifically Karkinagri village since I was a little girl, but it never felt enough. Something was missing and I always yearned for more time there. Ikaria taught me a valuable lesson, that a human does not need much to live a happy and prosperous life. A meal cooked with love, friendship, purpose and the ocean is enough; well, at least for me. Some people realize that they need some more wifi in their lives. That’s okay too! Whichever direction you choose, you come out more grateful. Many clients which I performed readings for also seeked similar simplicity and healing in their life. Ikaria is a magical place that helps grounds and connects you to all your chakras, especially the base chakra. I couldn’t help but laugh at times doing the readings, since they are so accurate and the majority of clients had the “Body Movement” card, because the groups were participating in either yoga, massage or dance. This was a common thread between all clients during the readings, which was grounding themselves by getting in touch with their physical body. As much as Ikaria is a serene, healing and a mystical island of interesting synchronicity, it is just as much a place of hard work and suffering. It teaches you that in life, there will always be that tall mountain you need to climb to reach your goals. However, as long as you have faith, perseverance and patience, you will succeed. These are the qualities that many of the Ikarians possess too. Ikaria will take you out of your head and back into your body, awakening your senses of fully being alive either through dance, eating organic food, making love or swimming. Walking with goats in the heat, while praying for some vehicle to show up and pick you up is also part of the adventure! It helps you get “back to basics” and to remember who you are. Entering the Egg ready to perform a reading, made me feel like I was welcomed home to a safe haven, nurtured in a group of kindred spirits. Meeting these beautiful souls for the first time felt like I’ve known them forever. There are just some places and people you meet in life that are not coincidence and are there for a reason to guide you on your path. You are where you need to be at all times and we are all connected and intertwined in the most beautiful way. The Egg, Ikaria was our meeting place! –New Age Angie

What You Seek, is Seeking you- RUMI

Why not carry an oracle deck on your travels? Receive guidance on your spiritual journey and also what you may experience in each location! Every-time I used this deck to plan for a trip and the "Distant Thunder" card came out, I knew I would have an obstacle like an actual storm outside. It helped me avoid it and plan for a better time, where I knew in my intuition felt right.

Check this deck out by Denise Linn at and more of my favourite products here on my website!

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