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Numerology + Tarot Chats 2022

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Breathe in...breathe out! 2022 will bring in a little more harmony, balance and healing since it adds up to a year 6 for the collective, looking at the numerology. We are putting behind us a year of fast changes, rebellion and also a bit of an adventurous roller coaster ride. I truly hope that many of you learned the secret of adjustment, strategy and being flexible while curve balls got thrown your way. This year, the dust can begin to settle a bit where we start to see the truth of where we are headed, even if it may be in split different directions. We can begin to gain some sort of acceptance for this and make plans, but don't get too cozy! On the negative side, the 6 could represent self-sacrifice and not rocking the boat for the sake of harmony and neglecting your own needs in the process. If there is something you do not agree with, don't be afraid to make waves. Stand up for yourself. Choose wisely! The choice will be yours and yours to take. The 6 energy focuses on home and duty. Many will begin to ask themselves, what is home and what does it feel like? There is a strong emphasis on home matters, whether it is buying, decorating or moving into a new home entirely...possibly even taking leaps abroad. Perhaps many who have lived in the big city all their life, decide to move out to a more rural setting with more space and nature. It is a great year to start asking ourselves, if where we live or what we are doing is aligned our values and type of lifestyle we wish to live. If you cannot physically or financially do this just yet, then this energy encourages you to begin manifesting this life desire; write it down, make a vision board or keep a photo on your desktop. Keep your dreams and visions alive! The next best year to make a new transition (on a collective scale) will be in the year 1 cycle which is 2026. Now, looking at the 2 vibration in 2022 is also representative of union and the coming together of what you are seeking to manifest and attract. Mostly, you are looking to come into alignment with yourself, without the approval of anyone else. Due to this major shift of many who are forced to leave behind what is not serving them will open the pathway to come together with a true partner, either in a romantic or business sense. You can call it a "perfect match" or soul mate relationship, even twin flame union. We are being aligned with what we need at this time, so we can accomplish great things on a faster scale for humanity to raise its consciousness and loving vibration, to let go of chaos and fear. Many of our relationships may be healed at this time through reconciliation and forgiveness, especially for those who have had fall out since 2020 from any differences of opinion or misunderstandings. People will also get together and celebrate with their families or discover a new tribe of kindred spirits! This is a beautiful supportive energy representing the heart chakra of compassion, healing and nurturing. It just feels very light and hopeful. Last but not least, our home also represents planet earth on a larger scale, so we will start to consider our relationship with the planet and how we have been living as humans. We may be inspired and move towards a more "go green" initiative at this time such as energy and water saving, recycling, animal care, planting more trees or educating others on the importance of our natural resources and connection to earth. Most importantly, we will become more of a wise consumer shopping for items that we need more than want, that are more organic with less toxins. The realization of treating our own body with self-love and care will also be important, because it is our vessel that moves us forward. When we focus on consuming natural products, we begin to set an intention to see a better earth moving forward. Overall, our values will shift as we acknowledge our community and the simple pleasures in life that we share with each other.

Popular Careers 2022

Careers that are highlighted whether it's through a drastic industry change or experience success in 2022 will be: Education, Nursing or Medicine, Marketing, Humanities, Paralegal Studies, Accounting, Business/Marketing, Landscape Design, Beauty School/Cosmetology, Counseling, Psychology, Mentoring, Sociology, Music, Midwives, Real estate Art, Theatre, Political Science, Law and service jobs like flight attendant or massage therapies. You will also find more responsibility around home matters and working more from within the home.

So what insights can we gain from the Tarot?

We start off with the Fool card, meaning there is an opportunity to start from scratch. Zero. The first major Arcana card here is telling us to start fresh in life and paint a whole new canvas! Make sure if you do choose to travel or move, do so lightly with little baggage. All that stuff you have been hoarding physically and emotionally is weighing you down, so time to clean house! The past is behind you now. If you could dream and create a whole new life, what would that look like? Take a leap of faith. Instead of asking what's the worst that can happen...ask "what is the best that can happen?" Time to roll the dice and take risks. Get out of your comfort zone. I wanted to clarify the Fool card with another major Arcana and the death came out, so this in itself was clear and emphasized the same message... "For every ending, there is a new beginning... For every death comes birth." Life is a constant cycle. Everything changes and nothing stays the same. The only certainty is change, so we must embrace and accept this. The world since 2020 has been nothing but changes and left us wondering, what's next? Well, the Fool says... "The heck with worrying and stressing! I'm just going to go along my way whatever happens." This is about going into the unknown with the purest of faith that the universe will have your back, even in the most hopeless of circumstances.

We come to the Two of Pentacles which was a message that also came in last year. This is showing a lingering energy of continuing to adjust and be flexible with our current circumstances since 2020. Many especially needed to get second or third sources of income if they were laid off or decided it was time to leave their job. There is still this juggling act happening, managing finances and overall balancing out other areas of our lives such as home, family, spirituality, health etc. This energy is coming in as a challenge, as we play in this juggling act or decision making that will continue all year. I strongly feel that gone are the days of having one job your whole life and doing the same 9-5 routine in the office on a daily basis. Probably we can kiss that life goodbye! People are starting to adjust to this new lifestyle of office rotations or working half the time off zoom for example, so this is just the start. While there is still some tension around this, because it is a new perspective introduced in the ways we have viewed the "reality" of work due to the virus, it is an energy that will eventually be here for the long haul. Perhaps not all of it, but we definitely won't be going back to the way our routines were prior to 2020. Many will have their main source of income, along with giving attention to their own hobbies and interests to bring in an extra buck. It will be the year of weighing your decisions to see what you wish to nurture more, in order to reap rewards later.

I won't sugar coat this energy of the Five of Pentacles but there will be greater financial hits this year either with businesses closing down not being able to survive from more restrictions, lockdowns, more people losing employment, along with price increases in the market. There is a mind set of lack, loss and at times victim mentality when this energy appears as well. We may feel that we are losing out from life but the truth is, there is an opportunity to distinguish what we truly need vs. the things we have been attached to. On the good side, it is not an energy that is permanent but rather one that asks us to stand in faith during difficult and seemingly hopeless times. The message spirit brings during this cycle is not to lose hope and your connection to source. Your idea of "lack" is a state of mind. You may realise that what appears to be a loss for you, was something that comforted more of your ego and what you felt shaped your identity being on this earth. You may have been ripped from your clothing, but you still have your soul and the true treasure within you, with the power to start again. This will be a chance where humanity will restore their faith and realize we have everything we already need that has no price tags in the creators kingdom.

Here comes the swift Page of Swords "cutting to the truth of the matter"! There will be a lot of analyzing, investigation and dissecting of information in our own lives and within our society. Something has not been making sense and many will raise a brow, especially around the information that is provided to us by the media. Old and hidden information may also come out that has been suppressed. The Page of Swords rules platforms of communication, including social media. Any hiding or exaggerating of information by leaders or media will be vulnerable at this time and at risk of being exposed. An initiation is happening where this energy encourages us to be more logical and rational in our thought process too. As a result, there will be more discussion and debate around major events happening, where many will begin expressing more of their opinions without the fear of holding back. In our personal lives, this card asks us to pay attention to the details. Stay alert and vigilant in your environment! Make sure you read the fine print in any contracts and ask questions to gain more clarity around a situation, especially regarding work or legal matters. The sword as a symbol is refreshing cutting away nonsense to get to the truth and obtain a clear mind to move forward.

As we close out this year, spirit brings the Nine of Pentacles as our advice which is telling us that we have more than enough if we look around. Spirit is also giving us the nudge to discover our own independence and individuality in order to obtain personal freedom, so we can experience more joy and contentment. What does true freedom and contentment look like? Many have been reflecting on this since the lockdowns in 2020, having the time and space to connect to themselves since then. For those who have been doing the work the past two years will begin to reap success and rewards by the end of 2022. We are pushed to discover what we love towards the journey of self-sufficiency and independence. I am hearing loud and clear "tend to your own garden." This could come in the form of learning to provide for yourself through actual gardening or launching that project or business that will lead you to financial independence, helping you reap the rewards you truly seek. Overall, this energy asks us to be diplomatic in our dealings with others, ground ourselves and also practice self-care. Have hope and tend to what you love!

Wishing you much success on your journey.

Happy New Year!

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