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Archangel Michael’s Trail

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Ever since I was a little girl, perhaps because my name is Angela, or perhaps because I was fascinated by all winged creatures, I have felt an irresistible attraction to angels. I had a belief that humans can also have wings when they ask for their guardian angel who is always on their side, ready to help them through difficulties. Growing up, I came to understand that the faith one feels by instinct is the power of God that gives us wings to fly when we feel that we no longer have the strength. For those who experience challenges or grief at times in their lives, their faith may be tested. During one of my emotionally intense chapters of my life, I wondered if these higher heavenly beings in the form of angels can indeed help us in our difficult times and sought ways of mental calming and uplifting. I had read stories of people who had seen angels or perceived their messages, but wondered why I was never given any. How could I believe other people's stories? I wonder if my guardian angel existed or was it just an innocent childhood impression? In these moments of weakness and doubt, frustration had taken over to crush my faith, giving up hope. However, just as every important stage of life there always comes the opportunity to feel our true strength, and it indeed knocked on my door for the chance to regain it. So, I asked for a sign. Not out loud, but someone listened and answered the call!

Once Upon a Christmas Eve, as I was leaving work one snowy evening in a busy cosmopolitan centre, I was planning to go to a theatre where a friend of mine was performing. Having little time to spare, I thought I would take a stroll through the festive streets that were glowing with lights and decorations. At one point, while crossing a busy intersection, I suddenly heard the sound of a vehicle and its lights shining menacingly on me. I turned around in a flash and saw a taxi in front of me, which I immediately knew there was no way it was going to stop. With no time to dodge it, I felt this is it. I'm done. But something inside me, in that split second screamed out and gave me wings! Like a fast paced movie, I felt myself jumping as high as possible and with outstretched arms landed on the taxi. I had managed to avoid the worst of it, but I was thrown off the intersection's curb with the sudden push on the brakes. Fortunately ... I was alive and scrambled back up!

Two other women behind me who were also crossing, saw everything and immediately called for an ambulance. Upon entering I realized what had happened. That's when the first signs started to appear! After some physical testing to see If I am okay, the driver asked if I wanted to be taken to Saint Michael's Hospital. I replied "Yes, I want to make sure that I am okay." I didn't think much of it at this point. Later, sitting in the hospital's emergency waiting room, I looked at the TV across the room and saw the angel on the screen! I turned to my brother, who had arrived to the hospital and was next to me saying: "Look George ... it's Archangel Michael! Maybe he's with us." I didn't have time to finish the sentence and the bells of Saint Michael's Cathedral across the street from the hospital started ringing. Suddenly the signs became crystal clear! This was the final confirmation. Faith was tested, but it became unwavering with the blessing I was receiving. However, the messages did not stop there. Coming home that night, I searched for information about my special angel that gave me clues. I typed online what Archangel Michael represents and clicked on the first link: "Takes away negative feelings and protects from CAR ACCIDENTS"! Emptying my bag afterward, I found a little book I had read a few days before regarding the angels. I didn't even remember it was on me at the time of the accident. Still holding the book in my hands, I realized that the name of the friend who was performing that night in the show I was going to see was Michelle! When I told my mother about the accident that night, trying to reassure her that I didn't have a scratch on me, I told her about my guardian angel! Looking once at me and once at the picture of the Archangel in the book I still held in my hands, as if in a flash, she suddenly realized the messages that she had been receiving as well. One day before, exchanging greetings with a colleague and leaving work he said to her, "Merry Christmas to Angela and Michael". "Michael who?" She asked him. "Oh, I meant George," he replied. At the same moment, my mother's gaze crystallized on a Christmas card on the table with an angel and the Christmas star. "It came today ... in the mail." Looking at each other stunned at all the clear messages of a God-given blessing, it was impossible to think that they were mere coincidences!

One day after Christmas, while waiting in line for a cup of coffee, I looked at a man right in front of me and thought he looked amazingly like someone I knew named Mike. Then I heard the voice of the store barista holding the coffee say to him: "Your coffee is ready, Michael"! Everywhere I went, everywhere I looked in the days following the accident, I saw and heard the name of the Archangel, so often that I finally said, "Okay, I believe it! I see it now, I feel you are with me everywhere!" I felt so strange that an angel was "talking" to me, but I was so glad that at last God was trying to communicate with - so bizarre and curious little - me!

Feeling the need to pray, I went to the church of Archangel Michael to light a candle and say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart! The traces of the Archangel would always remain, giving me the assurance that God's love is all around and that our lives are small and big daily miracles. My soul was so full of gratitude and I felt with every step I took that I was stepping firmly on the earth. I realized that we don't always need messages to be sure of God's presence in our lives. He is always near us by faith! Maybe sometimes, the signs or the outcome we seek doesn't come the way we expect. Maybe that's why I had to experience a moment of danger to realize that my angel is truly made of faith, hope and love for the life we have been given!

I wouldn't want anyone to go through something similar to what I went through to feel that we are all children of God and belong to the divine plan that is uniquely inspired for each of us. For me, it was a wake-up call that made me realize how precious life is, how grateful a person should be for their daily blessings and how to live every moment doing what they love, spending time with those they love and generously giving their kindness and love to all. Above all, it made me realize that angels answer our prayers and that we humans, like every creature of God, are always under His care and protection. Perhaps this is a message of affirmation for all of you reading this story today. May you be blessed with love, health, hope and faith. Merry Christmas!"

May this absolutely true story become a message of affirmation

that all of God's creatures are always protected and cared for!

Peace, Health, Love and Hope to the world!

Merry Christmas!

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