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"Take a step closer to your dreams, because they are possible."

About Angie

Hello, I'm Angie, your personal intuitive coach! Welcome to my website where you will find and experience a variety of oracle readings ranging from relationships, career & life purpose, well-being, finances, spirituality and more. I hope you have as much fun receiving my readings as I do providing them. 

Since a young girl, I have always been fascinated and passionate towards the esoteric world from astrology, numerology and oracle/tarot cards. I find that they all mysteriously intertwine with each other, and are amazing tools that help one with their own self-development and shed light on your own intuition. Think of oracle as the mirror to your soul!  

My journey in the spiritual and healing arts began as a young girl as far back as elementary school. I would go around to my fellow class mates and ask “what's your zodiac sign?” Since then, my curiosity sparked, as I would meet and compare people with similar signs which had similar traits. It was a lifelong journey of learning the signs through meeting people and having a variety of experiences that helped me contain my passion in this field. My mother also had a big influence on my journey, while we first began to discuss my own zodiac sign, teaching me about myself which made so much sense about my interests, values and personality traits. I purchased my first deck of "Healing Fairy" oracle cards when I was 13 years old. Giving guidance for myself and others has always been a part of my life, and I have always brought my deck along for the ride. This passion has prepared me to give readings to you today! We are so use to society's conditioning, leading us to believe our hobbies or interests are only hobbies. I want to help you believe and take a step closer to your dreams, because they are possible.


Whatever you wish to pursue in life, my mission is to shed some light, uplift and motivate you to meet your goals and stay true to the person that you are. Through the guidance of the mystical arts, I want to help you find the way. I am coming from a background of Career Counselling, so your life purpose and career is an area I am specifically passionate in helping you with. I love to see people vibrant and content in the work that they do, because I feel this would truly make the world a happier place. ​My hope is that my readings and coaching gives you more clarity and confidence to move forward in your desired steps.

To guide you on your life journey towards living a life with more empowerment and joy. Everyone has a purpose and a special gift to share with the world. What is yours? Let me be a part of your soul's journey.
  • Career & Work Counselling 

  • Spiritual Life Coaching 

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